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Matching Your Skivvies

I never use to be very concerned about whether or not my bra's and undies matched.  I'd wear a very basic underwired nude bra, but had to make sure it was heavily lined so that the nips don't popped thru and not offend anyone (meh).  Then my undies that were just comfy enough to not me picking at them all day long. 

About 8 years ago, when I started doing boudoir photography.  I've really learned to appreciate the detail and workmanship that can go into some pieces of lingerie, as well as learning what pieces fit best for all sorts of different body types.

Take Agent Provocateur pieces for example, talk about top of the line!  These pieces are exquisite; the fabric, lace embroidery, embellishments, I can go on; but not necessarily the everyday wear and can be very pricey.  

My favorite place to shop frequently is Journelle, an e-commerce boutique that can accommodate every trend, body type and the best part is that you can actually purchase matching sets.  Nothing more frustrating with other online companies, is that they may the cutest bra but not the bottoms to go with it, or vice versa.)  Whats noteworthy of Journelle their lingerie that is comfortable enough for everyday wear, but can be sexy and edgy for special occasions as well.   My go to designers for everyday wear are the Gossard Glossies, Only hearts and Journelle's own line of balconette and lightly lined bra.  They offer comfort and support as well as great style.

Check out this amazing Cosmopolitan article by  CARINA HSIEH, in which she challenged her self to wear fancy lingerie for 5 days in row. 

So would you be willing to undergo this challenge to feel the "secret sexiness" she mentions?  Let me know

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