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Editing Clients Images

Editing images has been, for sometime, a topic of much debate and I totally get it. The industry is inundated with over-processed images, giving a sense of false expectations and manipulated content.

However, when a client hires me and requests that I edit their images to their specifications, I am bound to comply. Most often I'm asked to minimize things like cellulite, scars and stretch-marks. BUT - I do however apply a gentle hand when editing these specific areas, balancing both the clients requests and elements of reality. Then there are those few clients that request ZERO editing on their bodies, not even skin smoothing. So that goes to show you that in the end it's the clients decision.

But let's be sure to understand that there is a standard for editing images in general, such as cropping, sharpening, balancing exposure, color adjustments and so forth. All in an effort to enhance the image to how it was intended. Lord knows, as a natural light photographer the sun doesn't always comply with my needs, and it's certainly a bit of a struggle in the dreary winter months.

Also, we ladies know that even in our everyday intimate apparel, we experience a little bit of pinching or cinching. It's practically inevitable. Well, the same happens in some of my sessions, but no worries. In this video I'm demonstrating my editing technique, where "less is more" (shameless plug...LOL). So by utilizing the liquify tool to loosen the pinching, sharpening the rhinestones on the lingerie and smoothing out the skin in a just a few minutes you're able to see a beautifully captured image with a little sprinkle of editing. -


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