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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi There!

You may find this to be quite an extensive list of question, but I'd rather provide as much information a possible so that you'll feel more confident in having selected me as your photographer.  If you're unable to find an answer to a question, no worries, you can send a quick text or email.

So let's dive in!


So here we go...

Do you charge a session fee?

As of right now, I do not.  I feel my product prices absorb most of the prep & post production time involved.  It could change in the near future though.

What’s the retainer fee for?

The retainer fee is a non-refundable fee that is held to reserve your session date.  (Story time:  When I first started out I used to let people book, cancel and was a hot mess, but the minute I started charging the retainer fee it all stopped.)  

Keep in mind that the retainer fee gets applied to your product order, so it comes back to you!


When do I pay the retainer fee?

Usually, after we have had our first meeting and you’re comfortable moving forward in the process.  All you have to do is go to 


When do I pay the balance of the package?

On the day of your session, but after we have wrapped it up and made sure we have captured all the desired images.



What forms of payment do you accept?

Most of my clients pay via Venmo, then the second most frequent method of payment is cash, followed by checks and Zelle.  Please remember to come prepared to pay the balance of your session on the day of the shoot.  

Do you take installments?

Not usually, my product pricing is affordable to accommodate most budgets.  You are free to send payments prior to your session so that they piggy-banked, which has been done in the past.  


Can I bring a friend?  

Absolutely!  You are always welcome to bring a “hype-girl” to your session! The more, the merrier.  Just one rule; as the photographer, I need to steer the session.  If at any moment I feel that the guest is more of a distraction, we may need to change up the situation.  

Do you have a limit on lingerie pieces?  

You’re welcome to bring as many pieces as you like.  We can go through them together and decide which ones will work best for your session. 


I don’t have much in the way of lingerie, do I need to buy all new pieces? 

Not at all.  My studio has a client wardrobe that can accommodate most of my clients.  I have sizes that range from XS - 2X.  Also, if my closet doesn’t have a particular style you’re looking for we can work together on locating one that suits your needs.

Do you have a makeup artist/hairstylist? 

Yes I do!  I have a few special ladies that can help you feel super glamorous and look amazing!  Just be sure to let us know if you have any skin conditions or allergies to certain makeup brands. 


Do I need to use a  makeup artist/hairstylist?

Not at all, you don’t have to use my makeup artist, many of my clients do their own.  I will just ask for a couple of selfies (before and after) with no filters.  Simple as that! 


Is the Makeup artist fee included in your price?

No, I know it would be simpler, but you’d pay them separately.  It’s just a tax thing...LOL. They accept Cash, Venmo or even PayPal.


Do you photograph older clients?

Absolutely, my oldest client on record was 72.  She was freaking gorgeous!!!


Do you photograph plus-size clients?

Hell yes!  I photograph all women, of all size. I don't focus on size, I focus on your energy and celebrating who you are!  

Will you photograph men?

Yes, yes, and hell yes.  I require that I have my assistant present during the shoot to assure that everyone is on their best behavior.  

Side note - GENTLEMEN, with all due respect, during our conversations in preparation for your session please note that I don’t need to see ALL of you!  If you feel compelled to start sending me pics of your junk you’ll get blocked.  Period.  


Do you have an age limit or stipulation on age?

Yes, great question.  I will not photograph anyone under the age of 21 years old.  It’s a personal preference. 


Do you photograph LGBTQ?

Abso-freaking-lutely!!!!  I have photographed coupled too!  


Do you photograph erotica?

No, nothing personal, I just don’t feel comfortable photographing that type of content.

Do you require a consultation before the session?

I love to meet with my clients beforehand.  It’s a great opportunity to meet one another, go over any questions that you may have; but most importantly it will give you a better understanding of who I am, my style and help you feel more confident.  After all, you will be a little vulnerable, so I want you to trust me during the session, so that you can relax and enjoy yourself during this amazing experience!  To book your free consultation simply click on this link



How do I book a session with you?

Pretty easy, just click on this called Book It Baby!  Be sure to select a date and time for your session and I’ll reach out to confirm it with you.


Will you have an assistant during the shoot?

Sometimes I will have someone help me out.  She’s an amazing personal friend of mine.  She was first a client, then muse, and now she’s my muse/assistant!  If any point you’d prefer for the session to be exclusively only the two of us, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Now, if I’m doing a male boudoir, there will be an assistant present 100% of the time to ensure the professionalism of the session. 


Can I reschedule a shoot?

Absolutely!  Just please refer to the contractual agreement on the terms and conditions of the rescheduling.  If it’s too close to the session date you may forfeit your retainer fee, as well as paying other fees.  The more lead time from your session date, the better.

Can you remove stretch marks, scars, bruises, tattoos, etc?

Yes, it's included - I will simply do a once-over with a light skin smoothing brush in Photoshop.  You can also request minimal or no processing.


How soon after the shoot do I get to see the images?

Approximately 3-4 days afterward.  It can vary.


How long does it take to receive an album after a shoot?

Typically around two weeks after the reveal.  It varies based on the clients timeline as well.


Do you keep all the images from the session?

I will only keep the processed images on file for 6 months after the product order.  After that, I will purge all files.  


Will you post images on Social media?

Not without explicit contractual consent, this protects both parties for the release of the image.  Many of my clients allow me to post images of their session, with some stipulations, such as no tats can be shown, or their face, or their wedding band, etc.  So, I make sure to comply with their terms and I submit a re-edited image abiding by their terms and conditions.


Will you travel for a shoot?

Absolutely, as long as we come to an arrangement for covering travel costs (such as but not limited to lodging, transportation, and meals).

Well, that about wraps that up.  Please email me if you have questions that I did not cover here at

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