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What makes Less is More different

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

"I feel that what sets me apart is my willingness to spend time with my clients before I even pick up the camera. I need to get to know them so I can understand what they are looking for in a boudoir photoshoot. I usually have a few telephone calls and many texts, for starters, to get acquainted and find out a little about them—as well as give them the opportunity to get to know me. I also encourage a meeting in a coffee shop or in a little cafe. Face-to-face is crucial. After all, my clients need to be comfortable with being scantily-clad around me, so I need to establish trust and confidence in the relationship." - Livia, founder and photographer of Less is More Boudoir, in Wedding Day Online.

Livia believes that boudoir shoots should focus on its subject... YOU! She works to make sure that all of her shoots make you feel amazing, beautiful, and confident. When you meet with Liv, you will get the full spa treatment: hair and makeup by professionals, snacks, and your favorite music. "There’s tons of laughter, too, so the shoots are intended to make them feel beautiful and appreciate themselves more, so they walk away feeling sexier and more empowered than ever. They are more confident in their own skin, and that’s what matters."

Wedding Day Online asked " Where do you feel the hesitation in booking a boudoir session comes from with women? Can you dispel some of the stereotypes surrounding this?" Liv says, "There are so many, but the main ones I continually run into are: weight, no special someone, not sexy enough, can’t pose and finances. I can dispel them all and more. But let’s start with the weight issue. Please ladies, please just stop obsessing over your weight and look at what God made! Our bodies are always changing, and we have to accept and adapt to those changes, and the best way is to embrace your curves, the dimples and the folds of skin. Love yourself as you are now. You’d be surprised to know that my most confident clients were actually a little curvier, and they love their bodies and flaunted it. No one special...WHAT??? YOU are special, gift yourself an album of beautiful, intimate portraits that you can look back on one day and say, ‘I LOOKED AMAZING!’ If you take the time to get your hair done, nails, buy pretty clothes, etc., why not go a little further to treat yourself to a boudoir shoot? It can commemorate a special time in your life, too. Besides, selfies on your phone can’t capture what I can! As far as the ‘I’m not sexy enough’ or ‘I can’t pose,’ that’s what I’m there for—to bring out your inner goddess and help you channel her throughout the session as well as once you leave the studio. You will walk taller and strut your stuff so much better when I’m done with you...LOL. Now the money thing. Yes, it’s expensive. No, I’m not cheap, but do you want quality photos that will last a lifetime? My images are classy, timeless and tasteful, and I put in a lot of work to give my clients exactly what they want. I work out payment plans, and I can find a boudoir package that fits your budget...why buy a beater car when you can walk away with a Rolls, baby?!"

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